The Free Ranger is a comic best described as Chicken run meets Kick ass. It’s a combination of our love for comic book heroes & the animals that live in our home land; England.

The Free Ranger follows the adventures of an unlikely hero; a domesticated, free ranged chicken whose loneliness, boredom and love for comic books is a direct result of his fellow feathered friend being kidnapped. This alone throws him towards his need to become a somebody and this passion to become a superhero gives him his very purpose to live.

As the story progresses, the audience is and will be treated to a very self-conscious and reflective look at the superhero genre. This parody approach has enabled us to study and to play with the very things we define as heroic and the many aspects of comic books that make us go back and read more, time and time again.


The comic was created in order to develop the talents of artist; Dan Bade & writer; Lee Barham.

Dan Bade is an up and coming, award winning artist from Essex, England, whose expertise in fine art, lead him to experiment with illustration in the realm of cartoons and comic books. His favourite artists include; Rembrandt, Roy Lichtenstein & Jack Vettriano. He finds his main inspiration in comics such asThe Beano,The Dandy & Batmanwith his favourite comic artists being; Jim Lee, Tony Moore & Dylan Teague . You can follow Dan on Twitter at – @DanBade87

Lee Barham is an award winning filmmaker from Greater London, England, whose talents have spanned multiple platforms to include; film, radio, music, performance, drama & now comic books. His main talents at present include writing, directing & editing short format videos. His love for comic books spans from a very early age and they have always been a constant love in his life. From The Beano & The Dandy, The adventures of Tintin & Asterix, to his love for Spider-man and other superheroes, comics have always inspired Lee’s work. You can follow Lee on Twitter at – @Lee_Barham